Pest Control Services in El Paso, TX

We all love calling El Paso Tx home. Our city’s abundant sunshine, low crime, and rich cultural heritage make El Paso a great place to attend school, raise a family, or retire. With the presence of Fort Bliss and El Paso’s position as one of the world’s largest international trade hubs, our city has a bright future. Unfortunately, pests and bugs of all kinds love this city as much (or more) as we do. And they want free rent in YOUR home or business.

Let’s face it- they were here first. With El Paso’s sprawling neighborhoods and warm climate, this place is the perfect, cozy environment for pests of all kinds.

Pest Defense Solutions El Paso is the premier pest control company and extermination provider in El Paso, Texas. Our effective treatments of bed bugs in El Paso ensure that these insects stay out of your home or business.

Pest Defense Solutions of El Paso provides many different pest control services to keep your home and business free from all types of insects and pests from invading your space.

Some of the different services that we provide to our customers are as follows:




Bed Bugs



Lawn Painting

Ticks and Fleas

Wasps, Hornets and Bees

Power Spray


These are just some of the insects our services help to treat. If you are needing service in any of these area’s, then you need to call us today for a free consultation and let us help you get rid of your insect problem today.


At Pest Defense Solutions, we know residential pest control El Paso TX. That’s why hundreds of families across El Paso Texas and surrounding cities in Southern New Mexico trust us to keep them safe and pest free. We understand the fear and concern surrounding the unpleasant discovery of unwelcome intruders in your home. Some call this fumigation, fumigate or even fumigating pest control for your residence.

We cater to your desire to be proactive about preventing problems before they happen. We know that you demand a treatment that won’t harm your children or pets. We are here to help. Here’s how we offer the greatest value pest control service in town:

1. We focus on treating the exterior of your home, and can therefore limit the number of treatments on the interior.

2. We do a “power spray” at every service.

3. We fully guarantee our treatments.

4. We use quality pesticides that are EPA registered.

5. We are locally owned and operated.

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