Branding doesn't live only in the intangible world, it also provides real and clear results for businesses.

Mexican restaurant - Branding made by Pesto

Branding is the art of crafting your startup’s brand. Your brand is the gut feeling your customers have when experiencing your products. Although there is no way to know how your users feel about your brand -since it depends on their cultural background and individual interpretations- you can guide that gut feeling towards your intentions. This can be achieved through your brand assets: the brand mark (logo), typography, color palette, messaging, strategy, essence, feeling, emotions, packaging, sound/music, smells, personality, marketing, public relationship, and…

Eight reasons why you should never compete in design and four alternatives.

Madrid metro logo -won by contest-

In view of the growing supply of design competitions in my surroundings, it seems pertinent to leave a long reflection on this subject: The disadvantages of a design contest far outweigh its benefits. …

Ocho razones por las que no deberías concursar jamás en diseño, y cuatro alternativas.

Logo del metro de madrid -Ganado por concurso-

En vistas de la creciente oferta de concursos de diseño en mis alrededores, me parece pertinente dejar una larga reflexión sobre el tema: Las desventajas de un concurso de diseño superan con creces a sus beneficios.

Pesto Studio

Design & strategy studio @

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