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Wynn Las Vegas

Year after year, Las Vegas is where the technology of tomorrow is pictured before our very eyes. CES is where the videocassette recorder debuted in 1970, followed by future everyday gadgets such as the Compact Disc, the DVD and the Blu-Ray Disc, Microsoft’s Xbox, Plasma, 3D, OLED and 4K TVs, IP TVs, Ultrabooks and many many more.

Year after year, every press conference, every announcement, every unveiling has had something in common with the previous and the following ones, were they happening on the main show floor as well as during side events such as CES Unveiled, ShowStoppers or Pepcom’s…

Maurizio Pesce

🍔 burger connoisseur, ⚽️Sampdoria uberfan; 🦄 dad.

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