I was smoking a joint and drifted off into daze. It was there that you appeared dressed to kill, in something leather and 6 inch heels. I just sat back, and took in the appeal. I started to relax you whispered “that’s right chill”. You started to dance, I started to feel. My hands on every part of you, right in front of me the most pleasant of views. My tongue scaled your flesh from your neck to your ear, while one hand pulled your hair and the other crept down the side of your face only stopping to caress the bosom of your womanhood, then continuing it’s journey downward to the abyss of your inner realm. You moan out in pleasure “take it”, as my fingers mingle in and out of your universe…I draw a hit from my joint, you climbed on top of me. Looking me in square in the eyes and took the smoke from my lungs, I bit your lower lip and our bodies joined in a ruthless rhythmic union. I knew your every move before it was made it, and likewise You worked diligently at counteracting my contemporaneous gestures of hedonism in search of euphoria.You took my shirt off and threw it kissing, licking, and exploring blindly about my face and bust. I laid you on your back and raised myself to a standing position with one foot on the floor. I unfastened my belt, and without hesitation you ripped it from my pants and corralled me, drawing me to you slipping a hand down my pants. I moan in favor, and retaliate by pulling your hair and piercing your ego. Breathing heavily I playfully taunt muttering “for every action..” you disconnect yourself from me to assume control by rolling me onto the floor and assuming the 69th position.Licking my fingers then taking my hand you lead me to balcony nudging me into the chair you want me in. You turn and conquer me licking my lips before completely painting me with your tongue. I start saying the things that cross my mind “A pictures worth a thousand words but how many pictures can a word paint?” To which you reply “try me?” Holding eye contact and giving the question no thought I say “Aptitude”. You run your fingers through my hair then stand with both hands on either side of the chair around me. Still holding my gaze you press your nose to mine for a moment then being lacing me with your tongue once more. Staring down the right sind of my neck and working your backwards to trace my neck up to my left ear. Stopping to mumble about the twilight that was upon us. While abrading my shoulders left to right. The angles being to sweat watching us beneath the sunset. As mist from the sky arbitrarily falls around us you wrap your legs around my neck in an inverted position so that we may again share the last slice.

As the weather picks up so does our intensity, we make our way to the bathroom. Shattering glass as you replace it from where it once rested on the granite counter top. The blinds flap wildly as the wind passes forcibly through the open window in my bed room that is illuminated by the full moon. Your eyes like daggers in my my soul as you take a likeness to my olisbos. Winking and parting your lips you extend your tongue to introduce yourself to jasmine. Before she intrudes every part of your essence with no remorse. As I invade your cosmo you fight back, tearing at my flesh with your teeth and nails. Numb to the pain I work harder, moving faster mesmerized at tone in your voice and profane language. You collect a space between us and move to turn on the shower. Stepping in and grabbing the wall in the direction the water is falling from, so it falls about your lower back you tell me to “come get it.”

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