Project 2

Do Something Fun

Have you ever passed through a space and not noticed that you went through it? Either because you pass through it every day, subconsciously dismissing its mundanity or maybe because it’s just a transitional space, so why would you take notice of the hallway from that takes you from the street to your apartment, the destination. Or maybe you were just looking at your phone.

I am guilty of all of the occurrences listed above, and more specifically while I was in this space: the back hallway of the Venue at Dinktytown -an expedient entrance for about half of the apartment complex. Albeit convenient, the walk from the street door to the stair case is one of fluorescent lighting, white washed walls and a firm reminder that despite the fully furnished luxury suites in the floors above, one musn’t forget that they do in fact endorse institutionalized living.

The space is disappointingly impersonal; I decided to change that.


After a quick run to the conveniently located Target, two blisters, and a test of my lung capacity, I had 6 signs and 45 blown-up balloons with 2 pieces of candy inside each.

My goal: make a dismissible space into a place where people were forced to stop and acknowledge their surroundings and to ideally make someone’s day a little sweeter.

I set them up Sunday evening and by 9:30 Monday morning either the Venue staff or a buzz killer of a resident had taken everything down. Before that happened though, I had counted 30 of the 45 balloons as taken, and hopefully enjoyed. Even though I wish I could have seen more people pass through the space, I was able to interact with a few of them while I was setting up. One guy shook my hand and another girl featured me on her story, which I deemed as success in both forcing people to be conscious of their surroundings and in making their day a little sweeter.

Mind Map (Image)

Health and Wellness Mind Map

Mind Map (Digitization)

I made my mind map directly in the web application (see above). I wasn’t however, able to downloaded it correctly because my computer had troubles downloading the most recent version of Crome. The above map was done on Safari.

Suggested Themes

  1. Social Media: As this is a design class, I think exploring one of the most constructed, and influential, aspects driving the health and wellness appeal in our age would be appropriate to further explore. Social media promotes the “most effective” exercise programs, the “appropriate” workout apparel, and the “most balanced” diets and has constructrued and distorted society’s view on the what’s actually important when it comes to health and wellness.
  2. Meditation: In the busy faced paced world we live in today, taking a second for one’s self is easily put last on the list of things-to-do. While the popular belief may be that “there’s no time to spare in the day,” taking a step back from the action, interaction and distraction we find in everyday life is vital to our mental and spiritual health; even if it means just ten minutes a day. By further exploring this easily dismissed relm of health and wellbeing we might be enlightened of some of the misconceptions surrounding the practice.
  3. Aerobic Exercise: My experience with sport has alsmot exclusively delt with aerobic exercise, whether it be soccer, running or rowing. While cardio is not the universally preferred form of exercise, I think it would be intersting to explore why this might be, what effects does this type have on individuals and communities and how we, as designers, could help change that.

10 Silly Ideas

Pump Up Your Step
Medical Medallion
Clorax Glove
Thermal Bra
Loofah Tunnel
Essential Candle
Shock Phones
Aging Bottle
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