Developing a child’s personality holds equal importance with education as it brings changes in the way a child behaves and deals with life situations. A child who has a developed a multi-faceted personality can stay socially viable, impresses others, can interact better, handle situations with great ease and have a positive approach.

When you develop your child’s personality, you groom or enhance him to be a stable individual. It is done to bring about a positive change that will make him lead a better life. While this is a slow and steady process, in partnership with parents, we can definitely get it done. After all, every parent dreams of having a child with a distinct personality who stands apart from others.

At Empyrean School, we believe in the mantra of ‘catching them young,’ meaning instilling the correct values in them from the start. We take care to provide a nurturing environment which inculcates good values and opportunities to the child. This ensures he has ample opportunities to stand out in the crowd.

We recognize the importance that sports plays in developing a child’s personality and provide a wide range of facilities to hone these skills. At Empyrean School, especially, sports is a part of building an all-rounded child and is encouraged in order to inculcate a sense of discipline, camaraderie and team spirit.

Apart from sports, simple lessons are imparted to our students that are backed with moral thought. Listening before speaking, building confidence, having telephonic conversations, table manners, enhancing observational skills and more are a part of our personality development efforts. We lay special emphasis on redeeming confidence in the under-confident children and nullifying over-confidence when necessary.

Developing a child’s multifaceted personality is done with an endeavour to boost his confidence, improve his communication skills and language speaking ability, enhance the scope of knowledge by widening boundaries, teaching proper etiquette and manners, and trying to get him over any weakness he may have. Overall, it is to bring about a positive change in the child’s way of thinking and living.

As a parent, here’s how you can help:

  1. Don’t ignore your child’s weaknesses — Very often, parents appraise their children more than required, hiding the negative elements in the child’s personality and talking about the good. To help your child develop multifaceted skills, it is important to talk to them and help them in their weak areas as well, for example — shyness and stage fright.
  2. Don’t force your child into something he is not interested in — Pushing your child to run an unwanted race to make him an all-rounder. Instead, allow him the freedom to select an activity he enjoys and can live up to. Try to make personality development much easier for him.
  3. Do not expect personality development to happen overnight — This doesn’t happen quickly, but takes time and requires continuous grooming all through his schooling years.
  4. Be a good role model — A parent’s attitude and actions have a great influence over children. Children imitate their parents and hence proper care has to be taken by parents when expressing their temperaments as well as behaviour in front of children.

Personality is what makes a person unique. It helps us develop an identity and have a long lasting impression on others. The process of developing personality starts from the day a child is born and depends on the environments to which your child is exposed. At Empyrean School, our role is to bring each student to his/her maximum academic potential with a healthy mix of social skills. We teach children how to have a firm grasp on their own beliefs, values and how they view themselves while at the same time, broadening their horizons to the outside world.



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