The Need for Petch

Why do we search?

One of our inborn habits is to keep looking for answers, sometimes within us and most of the times from everything around us

On day-to-day basis, we constantly seek information about everything we do. Say,

We search reviews about a movie we want to watch (or) We love to know the result of a football match of our favourite team, know what’s latest about our favourite tennis player etc.

In anything, we love quality. The same is applied to the information we search on web.

What do we expect from our search?

Two things
  1. Relevant data (We need Dosa, just give that and not any other dish)
  2. Latest information (We want the dish to be fresh. Freshness, it’s healthy)

Internet has huge loads of information available for almost all our search needs. Do we really get relevant,quality and latest information when we search?

Think Simple. Get What you want, need. Petch

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