Don’t underestimate their significance

1. Correlation ≠ Causation

An oldie and a goodie. Oft-cited, almost as frequently misunderstood. Compare:

  1. “We changed to 1-week sprints and sign-ups went up”
  2. “Sign-ups went up because we changed to 1-week sprints”
  3. “When we have shorter sprints, sign-ups go up.”

Easily confused with each other, the differences are important…

Apple. Netflix. Amazon.

Three amazing consumer technology companies, and major players in distribution of TV shows and movies.

They’re also each (in different ways) pretty rubbish when it comes to Social.

I’d actually like to know what TV shows my friends watch and enjoy. We could coordinate. It would be…

In case your experience with computers started after 2010, this:

… is a 3.5 inch floppy disk. Standard capacity: 1.44MB.

Today, I tried to read this (really quite good) article from The Atlantic on my iPhone 5S.

First time around I tried in a webview. Next attempt was in Safari…

Pete Davies

Building new things @gethudson. Previously @Medium, @Automattic, @BBCNews.

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