A man walks into Starbucks…

A man walks into Starbucks but there’s a banner over the door saying Best Buy which is weird because he was just in Best Buy and he’s sure he walked into Starbucks.

A woman walks into Starbucks and before she can open the door someone hands her a piece of paper saying this is the third of her five free visits this month and would she like to subscribe so she can come back more often.

A man is searching for a Starbucks but the first thing he sees is a Peets and he goes in there instead.

A woman is sitting in Starbucks and she’s a couple of sips away from finishing her coffee when six people slide into view and they’re shouting at her to try some more coffee.

A man walks into Starbucks and as he opens the door someone asks if he’ll take part in a survey when he leaves.

A woman walks into Starbucks and there’s a carousel but it’s just photos and no horses.

A man walks into Starbucks and before he gets to the counter someone says to him you’ll never guess which eight celebrities used to be baristas and he tries to guess and suddenly he’s drinking coffee in Buzzbucks.

A woman finishes her coffee in Starbucks and a troll walks up and comments what does she know about coffee anyway.

A man walks into Starbucks and a big sign says don’t bother drinking your coffee here you should go to the big Apple Store down the street and experience in-app Starbucks coffee.

A woman walks into Starbucks but she’s not allowed in unless she signs up for the all-you-can-drink coffee plan but she can smell some coffee to help her decide.

A man walks into Starbucks and he has to wait and watch a video but after five seconds he can go in if he starts skipping.

A woman walks out of Starbucks and 20 cookies follow her wherever she goes.