Get In Touch With Your Feminist Side

When it comes to men and feminism you will not hear much of a good review. There are either feminists who hate men and want nothing to with them, or men who hate feminists because they hate men. I, like many others, believe that in order for the feminist movement to be successful in its cause men have to be involved and we have to let them.

In Brian Klocke’s article “Roles of Men in Feminism and the feminist theory” Klocke writes about what feminism is and how it works. He also talks about how men need to be involved in feminism in order to make it successful. Klocke believes that men should be involved in feminism but they can not necessarily BE a feminist. Men do need to be involved because the whole purpose of feminism is for men and women to be equal and if only women are fighting for that equality then, the movement will not succeed to its fullest potential.

Washington post, held a poll with over 16 hundred randomly selected people. A Washington post reporter asked men and women questions about feminism and the evolvement they have with feminist community. The Washington Post found that 1 in 3 men identified as feminist. They also found that 7 in 10 people find the feminist movement “empowering” yet about 5 in 10 people find the feminist movement angry.

In Chris moss’s article,” Can Men Be feminists too, please?” Chris discusses how men want to be feminists however, when men try to be apart of the feminist movement they criticized and rejected. One author, Jonathan Franzen, talks about how he goes out of his to help support female writers who do not get enough credit or publicity. But he feels as though he is not allowed to help women just because he is a man. Because as Franzen states,” Because a villain is needed. It’s like there’s no way to make myself not male.” This evidence shows us that men want to be feminist but due to the controversy with men and women who are treating feminism as an anti-man campaign, men who want to support feel like they are not allowed to.

I personally believe that men cannot necessarily be feminists themselves but that they must be supportive of the feminists movement. Women need to understand that in order to achieve gender equality they must treat men as their equal. As hard as it may be and the controversy that follows feminism, men should do their part to create a successful feminist movement.

Men in the feminist community are essential to the fight for equality because if only women fight for gender equality then nobody will be equal. Men should do their part and get informed on what feminism is and what it means. Just this simple act will improve the situation within the feminist community and give a greater chance of our general goal to be achieved.

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