5 Things to Consider When Designing an App

Whether you’re a start up where an app will be the core of your business or a large company that wants to make their employees lives better, you’re going to need to think about a few things before jumping in head first to the world of app design & development.

We’ve put a list together of just a few of things to consider before getting started.

1. Choose an agency that’s interested in making your business a success, not just their own

There are thousands of agencies out there, all doing their best for their clients, but look for the ones that work with theirs to make their ideas not just look and work perfectly, but to understand how it can be a success.

Understanding your app’s placement in the market, analysing its competitors, making sure the price point is right and helping you plan its promotion are all things your agency should be thinking about just as much as how the icon will look.

It should go without saying that any agency you work with should help you with this.

2. Understand your customers

It’s likely that your idea ‘scratches your own itch’, meaning it’s solving a problem that you face almost every day and it’s more than possible that there are other people out there that will want the same problem solved. So you don’t need to perform any research to make sure first, right?

Unfortunately not. How — and if — your app can find a place in their busy lives will be the biggest factor in it’s chances of success. Save yourself potentially huge amounts of time and money by talking to your target audience, creating personas and making sure you’re solving their problems before spending anything on design or development.

It should go without saying that any agency you work with should help you with this too.

3. Keep the first release simple & focused

It’s exciting getting started on a new project, you constantly have new ideas and want to make it do everything. Tracking your daily steps? Sorted. Turning the kettle on with Bluetooth? Okay. Reminding you to feed the goldfish? Hold on, wait a minute…

Chances are you’re going to have a set budget to get your app from concept to initial release and you’re going to want to get value for your money. The best apps and ideas out there focus on a few key features, building a strong identity around those and the problems they solve. Keep your idea focused and you have a much better chance of a) launching your app on time and b) being in a good position to add and refine new features when they’re truly needed.

4. Decide what devices you want it to work on

Android phones? iPhone? iPad? Kindle Fire? Apple Watch? Pebble?

There’s a huge choice of devices that you can carry about with you that run apps and that means it’s difficult to know which you should be aiming to get your idea onto first.

We use the Ionic Framework to build most of the apps we work on, or we’ll build it natively for iOS if we need to take advantage of a certain feature of the phone that Ionic doesn’t — yet — support. The biggest advantage of using Ionic is that it allows us to build an app once and have it work seamlessly on both Android and iOS. That can be a huge time and cost saver for our clients.

That can be a huge time and cost saver for our clients.

5. Plan how you’re going to get people’s attention

The app stores are crowded places and it’s getting more so all the time, with Apple recently announcing there are now more than 1,400,000 on their store and countless more on Google Play. You will need a plan for promoting your app before, during and after it’s launch.

Build excitement by allowing early access to a select few, give away free download codes, write blog posts on your app’s website, stage an event to promote the app’s launch, get a celebrity to star in your advertising campaign, there are loads of possibilities and anything is possible, it’s just down to how much time and budget you want to commit to it.

Got an idea you want to make happen?

There’s a lot to think about, plan and do when creating an app, but that’s what we’re here for and it’s what we love doing. It’s our aim to make our clients lives easier and more successful.

If you’re got an idea you want some help with, whether it’s an app or a website, give us a call on 02381 680 014 or email us at hello@wearehinge.com

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