Bradford Clubhouse receives it’s first Donation

This evening I was kindly invited to “pitch” at a Rotary Club meeting. The Storehouse hosted the event, providing soup, cake, drinks and a warm welcome. There were three organisations who talked for 5 minutes about their work. Then the guests voted for the project they wished to receive money from the donations made earlier in the evening.

I was a bit nervous about talking to a group of people I had never met, but once I got talking I could see that people were interested and wanted to hear more. There were a few questions about how the Clubhouse would work and what the money would be used for. I asked for money to pay for a minibus trip to London to visit the Mosaic Clubhouse. My hope is that as the Start-up group forms, we can go to London to see that this really can be done.

The other two groups at the meeting tonight were Cancer Support Yorkshire who are looking to buy tablet computers to help people use the internet at home, and an organisation that supports new mothers.

After the pitches, we shared a meal and I had a chance to talk to people from the various local Rotary Clubs. I was struck by how keen people are to help, I discovered that Rotary Clubs are expert fund raisers and are looking for ways to help our community. I also heard stories about projects that people have started. In Keighley, a group of volunteers refurbished computers that the college didn’t need, and sold them very cheap to people with low incomes. Volunteers received training and help with CVs and 75% went on to get jobs.

At the end of the event I was delighted to be given £150 towards a trip to London. This is the first donation to Bradford Clubhouse! It shows that when people hear the story, there is a wish to make the Clubhouse happen.

A warm thank you to The Storehouse and the Rotary Clubs. I hope to see you again soon!