Breathing life into the Bradford Clubhouse Dream

Bradford Clubhouse Start-up Group meeting notes 14/6/17

Our start up group met up again at the Storehouse in Bradford, in attendance were Daniel, Pete, Paul, Gareth, James and Bev sadly a few of our member were unable to attend this week due to other obligations.

To kick our meeting off we had a quick round of introductions before moving onto a recap of the previous meeting, following that we went over our preliminary Business plan and so far the consensus is to identify how our clubhouse can fit into the current mental health services in Bradford and then start to find funding streams, during this recap members volunteered to help out with the tasks that need doing.

After the recap we heard news from Jeanette Ward a member of the start up group who had recently been in New York and had visited the Fountain House Clubhouse a group that has its roots in the late 1940’s and was the start of the whole Clubhouse project. Jeanette told us about how inspiring it was to see how successful the Fountain House was and all the help they are providing to the community.

In other news our group is in the Urban Echo! we got a write up about what we are doing and hoping to achieve.

We heard about an upcoming event that a few of our members are attending, the event is called Diversity day and is being held on the 27th of June at New Mill in Bradford, During this event Pete will be doing a presentation on the history and future of Peer Support in Bradford.

We then made plans for the Action Group, something that we as a group have found, is that we have a lot to do and our current schedule simply isn’t giving us enough time to get everything done, in order to rectify this we have set up the Action Group, this group will meet on a Tuesday at the Storehouse from 2–5pm and work through all the tasks that need doing, the plan going forward is to run this Action group like a clubhouse work unit, the first meeting of the Action group will be on the 4th of July.

Next we had a read though of the Clubhouse’s 37 standards this is a list of 37 standards Clubhouse’s are expected to follow we think it is important to keep these in mind and read through and discuss them periodically.

Finally we all wrote down what our dream clubhouse would be like, whilst there was many unique ideas we all seemed to share a common dream which was to create a place that is inclusive of everyone focused on providing effective help and support and working to normalize mental health awareness, It was a real treat to see that everyone is dedicated and driven to making our dream a reality and it was good to see how far our start up group has come.

links to things discussed above Fountain House Clubhouse New York where we hold our meetings / venue for the action group