Last week was the third gathering to get the Bradford Clubhouse off the ground.

In the room we had; Bev, Rohid, Paul, Gareth, Rich, James, Steve, Richard and Pete.

We introduced ourselves and shared a bit about our hopes for the meeting and the Clubhouse. A common theme was about contributing to the services that exist in Bradford, and the importance of linking up with them.

Some time was spent looking through part of the New Clubhouse Training Manual by Joel Corcoran. There was learning about a clubhouse being a group of people initially. We discovered that Clubhouses are deliberately “understaffed” so that the members are genuinely needed to run the organisation. We played a game of Black Socks too (instructions available on request) which was good fun and a chance to find out a bit about each other.

Finally there was a discussion about visiting Mosaic in London. The CEO of Mosaic has said we are welcome to visit and we have planned to go on Thursday May the 4th (yes, Star Wars day). Our next task is to plan transport to take us to London and back in a day.

There was a good deal of excitement about the prospect of seeing a well established Clubhouse. Following our visit to London we hope to invite some of the Mosaic members to come to Bradford to share stories and help us find our way to making the Bradford Clubhouse a reality.