Is it ok to read on a Friday night?

I’m sat on the edge of my bed, it’s Friday night and I want to be sociable, I feel I should be. Yet, after a long week of work I’m tired. I have a strong desire to be at home; To be still.

You may’ve felt the same inner battle, torn between two desires, looking for an ideal balance. One solution is to discover reading. Not as the solitary confinement of oneself to quiet time on your own, but to see it as a sociable activity.

A book is incomplete until you read it; by reading it you are having a conversation with the author, hearing their story and responding to it. It is in itself a sociable act. Next time you pick up a book, think of it as beginning a conversation with someone, listen to them and hear what they are saying in the words. You are being invited to hear the authors story, to be socially involved with them.

Literature tells stories. Television gives information.
Literature involves. It is the re-creation of human solidarity. Television (with its illusion of immediacy) distances — immures us in our own indifference.
— Susan Sontag

The book is a connection between two people. It may be a quiet and still connection, but it is a conversation none the less. Reading is sociable.

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