You’re totally twisting what he supported.

He wasn’t for enforcing anything.. Ok, if that’s good enough for you. Most gay people think it’s nonsense and noxious that a politician would want government funds for therapy that even describes what many see as ‘identity’ as behavior. I don’t think I’ll change your mind on this.

You’re right, he’s presumed innocent. And not guilty by association. How many white suprematist groups supported W. Bush? It’d be interesting to compare. The point was that the pile of these associations has people afraid. Seems like people want to be on alert. Maybe your social media isn’t dotted with instances of hate graffiti since the election the way mine is.

Gay people have nothing to worry about…I really hope you are right. Our incoming VP has been against marriage equality and civil unions full stop. He’s actively worked against gay rights. People are suspicious that holding up a flag and having one billionaire dude in your convention doesn’t make you a champion of a cause. That’s part of the problem, Trump has no record of public service, so we’re trying to figure out what he’s really planning here. I was surprised and happy people applauded Thiel.

I’m still scared about marriage equality. I hope at this point it’d be bad politics and using the Constitution to deny people rights is a nonstarter in general. This administration that looks like it has other priorities as well.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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