There are a lot of non-facts here:

I think if you were LGBT you might be more concerned and better appreciate the fears here.

Pence is on record for telling congress in 2000 money might be directed toward conversion therapy. Electro-shock is and has been a part of some conversion programs.

Trump has never promised to appoint a supreme court justice who wants to go against marriage equality, but this is not unlikely given his possible choices and team.

Trump did not admit sexual assault but 12 people accused him of it in the course of the campaign. Not admitting something does not make it not so. This is very Trumpian logic. The man lies constantly.

He was endorsed by the Klan and yes, this does not make him a Klanman. He was also endorsed by all 22 major white supremacist organizations in this country. Do you see a pattern here? Why are they all on his side?

Trump is the most pro-LGBT republican candidate by not being openly hostile, so the bar is fairly low. Marriage equality is new to both camps. His VP is one of the most anti-LGBT people in governance. Pence has fought the gay community on everything to cross his path. I’d describe Trump as indifferent, prone to changing his mind, surrounded by deeply conservative people.

The sum total of these things has people very afraid. I wish you could have some empathy for where people are worried this is all headed.

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