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Introducing Community (request access:

TAMPA, FLORIDA — December 22, 2017 — Orchrd, LLC. today announced the launch of a new feature (plugin) called Community.

Community is an exclusive discussion board for teachers, thought leaders, and innovators in education. Community will help increase collaboration by providing members the ability to discuss pressing items organized into groups called threads. While currently invite-only, Community is free to use and is a part of the greater Class platform.

Bigger Picture

For those not familiar, Class is a groundbreaking analytics and collaboration app providing teachers and schools with unique insights into the classroom. Features range…

NoteBear has been discontinued but I’m proud of all the good the app did during my formative years. Therefore, I decided to keep this article available in case it inspires something in others.

TL;DR: It’s NoteBear, NoteBear is the app you need.

Frankly, the deck is stacked against students. Financial hardship, an exceptional list of responsibilities, “sink-or-swim” learning, a proclivity towards self-destruction; these are some of the qualities that translate to a faulty and inefficient collegiate education model. In this article I will detail how you can be an even better student, make some noble (and easy) money and help…

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