Favorite Songs of 2016

If These Trees Could Talk

The following are my favorite songs of 2016. Keeping the list to ten songs was more difficult than I thought — I had to squeak in another two songs as honorable mentions.

Here we go!

12. Perturbator — Death Squad (from The Uncanny Valley)

Dark, groovy synth. Something out of Blade Runner or Terminator.

11. Anthrax — Breathing Lightning (from For All Kings)

That chorus, man. The excellent guitar solo is just a bonus.

10. Polyphia — Euphoria (from Renaissance)

The lead over the chorus will bury itself deep in your brain.

9. Norma Jean — 1,000,000 Watts (from Polar Similar)

One of the best songs Norma Jean has written in years. Cory’s vocals are on another level here.

8. Periphery — Marigold (from Periphery III: Select Difficulty)

Complex yet still totally accessible, with a massive chorus and a lot of cool effects going on throughout.

7. Devin Townsend Project — Secret Sciences (from Transcendence)

Such a great groove, huge chorus, and probably the best mix I’ve heard this year — just listen to the drum tones.

6. Forty Winters — Summoning Spirits (from Rotting Empires)

A two and a half minute ripper that doesn’t let up for a second. Mosh.

5. Revocation — Cleaving Giants of Ice (from Great is Our Sin)

The chorus is incredible, one of my favorites ever — this could be the soundtrack to a climactic medieval battle.

4. Moon Tooth — Igneous (from Chromaparagon)

Oh my god, that riff.

3. Plini — Every Piece Matters (from Handmade Cities)

Plini does it again — probably one of the most traditionally structured songs he’s ever written, and no surprise, it’s perfect.

2. Every Time I Die — The Coin Has a Say (from Low Teens)

So hard to choose only one song from their latest, but I think this is the most complete. This is ETID firing on all cylinders. If you were to listen to one song from Low Teens, start with this.

1. If These Trees Could Talk — The Giving Tree (from The Bones of a Dying World)

My favorite song of 2016 from one of the best albums of the year. The production, the writing, the emotion — this song is a breathtaking journey that is at once introspective and full of hope. The final two minutes are a revelation, and still give me chills even after a hundred listens. A masterpiece