the WON, NOT DONE t-shirt idea is deeply flawed, as t-shirt ideas go

let me explain why i feel this way

OK so there is a college football playoff now. It has two (2) rounds. So during the brief period (~10 days) after the first round and before the second (last) round, two teams are national semi-finalists. for those ten days “national semi-finalist” is the highest possible status a football team can occupy. it is a fine status and one to be proud of. But so then these shirts were invented.

these garments make an accurate claim until january 11th 2016

because of the nature of zero-sum contests and the rules of football etc only one of the two teams playing in monday’s national championship game will win, and the other will lose. at which point one team will need a shirt that says LOST, DONE and the other team will need one that says WON, (ALSO) DONE. which leads me to a set of questions that comprise the “point” of this writing:

  1. if your team achieves WON, (ALSO) DONE status, wouldn’t you rather have the shirt that says “NATIONAL CHAMPIONS,” which does not sonically or visually rhyme like WON, NOT DONE but is definitely better?
  2. if your team achieves LOST, DONE status, do you want to wear a shirt (the WON, NOT DONE shirt you just bought) that reminds you of their ultimate and profound failure to WIN and(ALSO) BE DONE?
is this a good shirt y/n?

why would you buy a $30 t-shirt that is literally guaranteed to be inaccurate inside of two weeks? even if you bought it *during* the national semifinal games on Dec 31, the maximum number of times you could wear this shirt is 10 [unless you took it off, changed into different clothes, and then put the WON, NOT DONE shirt back on] is like 10 times. For a $30 shirt.

i’m not immune to the argument that a $30 space fabric t-shirt might just be a inherently useful or desirable thing to own but why wouldn’t you just buy one that said CLEMSON or ALABAMA or THE TEAM WHAT I LIKE ~or~ wait 10 days to find out whether you can buy one that says (NAME OF TEAM): WE WON IT ALL ?

subsidiary questions:

  1. are $30 space fabric t-shirts a good idea at all. what about good regular cotton
  2. are commemorative t-shirts even a good idea. what about just a facebook post or tweet or instagram saying WE WON SUCK ITTTT or something to that effect
  3. does your celebratory social media post need to be so mean spirited can you just delete the SUCK ITTTT part?

I am not trying to say we can’t have t-shirts commemorating dumb transient accomplishments. I am just saying we have the emotional technology to either get $30 space fabric t-shirts that will be factually accurate for more than 10 days ~OR~ just want different things that are less stupid, including cases where “nothing” is less stupid than “insert name of thing I want to own” which in this case is a t-shirt that says WON, NOT DONE

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