We Thought Tour Would Be Like Vacation
Spencer Lee

My hero! I love your ballbusting response to this. Yes, you took the thoughts right out of my brain. The moment Best Western was mentioned as a road “necessity,” I wanted to wretch. As a one-man touring acoustic act who sleeps in his car at rest stops, cry me a river, indeed. Motel 6 and Motel 8 are not good enough for these guys? And TWO to a room? Try four. Motel beds are big enough where two people can comfortably share a bed, and if there is a band member who thinks it’s too gay to share a bed with another guy, then shut the hell up and sleep on the damn floor then. I slept in my car for ten days while performing @ Strugis Bike Week in South Dakota last summer. I watched every dollar closely, and though still had fun, I budgeted. Sleeping in my car saved me hundreds a night, as that’s how much the rooms were price-gouged at. In the end, after gas and food (only two meals a day, not three) and beer expense, (and as one who can drink, I cut back on that, also) I cleared $800 at the end of it. The Rolling Stones won’t be seething with jealousy any time soon, but this band could learn a thing or two about budgeting within reason. To me, their tour was a bloated ego trip, and nothing to do with smart business, something most musicians know or care little about. And yes, their music is lame…what is this shit they do, disco? After two minutes I couldn’t take any more.

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