A religion that takes me there
Jonas Ellison

Good piece, food for thought. I was raised Roman Catholic, which I rejected at age 16, as it made no sense. I tried a few other religions on for size — Congregationalism, Bahá’í, Buddhism, Quakers, Unity, Religious Science (not to be confused with Christian Science), Unitarian Universalism. When I showed up at a 12 Step group that had a number of people who had experienced recovery from addiction (it took me 6 1/2 years to find that group, going to meetings every day, staying clean for the previous 4 of those years), they made it clear that a relationship with a higher power was essential to finding recovery. They suggested I put all of my ideas of God, accumulated from all of my seekings, on a shelf, and try an idea with which I could develop a relationship that worked in my life. That was the beginning of my discovering a concept of God that worked for me. I just call it the universe, and though words never seem adequate to describe it, I experience it as a universal force that’s available whenever I choose to avail myself of it. Meditation works best for this, for me. A number of practices I try to do each day, not out of a religious ritual, but to try to move myself from the selfish and arrogant person I can easily be, left to my own devices, to thinking more of others and to finding a degree of genuine humility, help me to culivate the relationship with this universal force, that simply works in my life. I occasionally get involved with a UU congregation — my wife and I host an annual chili cook-off there — they’re pretty cool, without any dogma or creed that one has to subscribe to. But, for the most part, it’s just trying to live by some universal spiritual principles, each day.

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