The Gift of Hearing
brigitte cutshall

Good story about hearing and hearing aids, Brigitte. I’ve had a very interesting journey, myself, which led to the discovery of a schwannoma in there (mine was the even rarer Facial Nerve Schwannoma (FNS)), and a hearing aid, also on the left side. As a disabled veteran, I got mostly covered treatment at the V.A. Medical Center in D.C., and they have covered the cost of my hearing aid and replacement batteries. Being able to hear again — what a gift! I had a lot of other related issues — awful bouts of vertigo, which a surgical procedure to dilate a balloon in my eustachian tube, and reconstructive work behind my eardrum seems to have corrected. The really good news was, my doctor elected a “wait-and-watch” approach for the schwannoma, since it wasn’t causing any facial dysfunction. Three MRI’s later, it was gone. Just went away. I had a follow-up hearing test yesterday, to see if there’s been any improvement since the inner-ear surgery — there has! Three ranges showed significant improvement. I still need the hearing aid — but, it’s wonderful to be seeing the positive progress in the right direction. Hang in there — you’ll come to really love that hearing aid.