Susan G Holland

I agree with Kirstin’s comments, and would add that so much of what passes as “entertainment” these days is glorification of such behaviors. So much violence and resorting to drugs and alcohol for relief of daily stresses — so little about connecting with the soul, discovery of the spirit. I could have easily remained in that place where I always sought relief through the bottle or drugs. I did reach a point where violence, even though I had been steeped in nonviolence from an early age, became the way I thought I needed to handle things beyond my control. Then, I fortunately had a moment of sanity, that helped to lead me out of that way of life. I’ve always considered that a free pass out of hell — I did nothing to earn it, but am forever grateful for its appearance, right when I was about to commit a violent act that might have put me in Leavenworth for life. I understand that culture, because I was of it, for a time. There is no logic or concern for others when you are there. It’s a completely different state of mind, and the drugs and the alcohol only serve to exacerbate it, and fan the flames of the destructive force that engulfs you.

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