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I occasionally think about this guy who showed up on Cowbird, just for a brief while, I think a couple years ago, I can’t remember his name. I know my friend Deb knows it, as she, like me, really clicked with this guy. He had completely “left the grid” behind— he lived in a little shack somewhere out west, living completely off the land, and talked about the cold, gray edge that he often felt on the periphery of his psyche, when he was very much a part of society, until one day, he just couldn’t take that cold gray edge any longer, and he walked out of his life, and into his real life. He lives a life of survival, way out in the wilderness. A very lonely life. But, from his perspective, it sounded like he liked the solitude, and the absence of that cold, gray edge from his psyche. I wonder how he’s doing? I don’t know why this piece brought his memory back — maybe the “owning one’s life” part. I was never sure if he really did, or if he was in exile from his life. I wish he’d show up here, sometime — I miss those kinds of characters who just showed up, from time to time, in cowbirdland.

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