Crowning Mom
Kirstin Vanlierde

What magnificent journey, Kirstin! Your mother reminds me a lot of mine, in some ways. My relationship with her formed so much of who I am, and she continued to be that person who gave much more than she got, right up to her dying breath. At her service, the hospice nurse, who’d only known her for her last two months, got up and spoke of how much Mom got to know her, who she was, and how healing talking to her was. I spent much of her last 3 months with her, and I felt the same way — she gave so much more to me than I did to her. She was 88 when she passed 5 + years ago, and I still feel like she gives much to me. Indomitable spirits, these women have. It’s such a joy being along for the ride as you go through your special journeys, and to watch how you blossom and grow into a remarkable woman in your own right. You document your journey so well, so honestly and beautifully. Thanks for bringing us along!