Not a Writer

I’m really enjoying the Medium network. It provides short and long-form pieces on many subjects. I know that I want to think about many of these subjects (tags in Medium). I also know that it’s valuable to broaden my mind by reading those subjects I don’t need to know about. Like Macroeconomics. And Space.

Much of the news sites or social networks today are shallow, aimed for fast consumption. This is great for browsing a wide selection of information but doesn’t provide much deep insight. Medium’s network supplements these shallow news feeds with insight and considered opinion on a range of topics. I want to read about software and technology and this is nicely catered for right now.

One consequence of all these long-form editorials is Medium is populated with lots of writers. Lots of writers that I like to read. These are writers not bloggers, those who make a living writing and are always working on their next book. Now this is a opaque barrier to entry for me because I’m not a writer. Heck I’m not even a blogger.

And yet I do love to write. It’s time-consuming but yet somewhat therapeutic. Some may even find my thoughts useful. And having written a piece recently for the UK Government Technology blog I have decided I must shake off this don’t-have-time-i’m-not-really-a-writer excuse and just write. This will most likely be about Software just in case you’re half expecting me to branch out to something like comedy or bio-genetics.

Just go easy on me in the comments. Remember, I’m Not a Writer.

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