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Pete Carr
Pete Carr
Oct 6, 2014 · 3 min read

2 years ago I visited Venice. So many people had big DSLRs and I was loving the small Fuji X100 at the time. 2 years later and people still have big cameras but also selfie sticks. People seriously walk around with their phone in a selfie stick in case an emergency selfie moment arrises and they quickly need to photograph themselves in it. This is a thing now. It’s bat poop crazy.

We noticed this phenomenon in full effect on the Accademia Bridge. A tout had setup at the end of it selling these sticks and I guess thats part of the problem. All over Venice touts are pushing these sticks. I haven’t seen anyone using one of the led toys you throw in the air but I’ve seen a lot of people with the selfie sticks. Clearly a big market for them.

I don’t remember anyone needing a stick as a kid when we were on holiday. Maybe we were more trusting with strangers and simply got someone to take our family photo? I’d happily hand over a 35mm compact camera more so than my iPhone. Maybe thats what these people think and thats why they buy them? That makes sense. I would still rather extend my arm than raise my iPhone on a stick like some sort of selfie flag.

    Pete Carr

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    Editorial photographer based in Liverpool. Part time Spider-Man.

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