Launching Nomad Flights so Digital Nomads can save money

Today I’m launching Nomad Flights, a cheap flights newsletter for Digital Nomads. You can sign up for free and get emails for cheap flights for hotspots like Thailand, Indonesia and Colombia. Having become a Digital Nomad recently I realized that my needs for cheap flights are a little different from the average person. The biggest difference is that I want one-way flights. So while there are other email newsletters that do a good job on return flights from Western cities to tourist places, this isn’t much use for people like me.

I realised as well that with other flight newsletters there are a tonne of emails sent and frankly, it’s hard to find deals that would be relevant for a digital nomad. Nomad Flights only sends deals for nomad hotspots like Thailand, Colombia and Indonesia so this immediately reduces email fatigue for the user.

I figured as well that there a lot of nomad-specific events that people want to plan around. Although Chiang Mai is mecca for Digital Nomads, come January/February most people get the hell out due to the notorious burning season and the effect it has on breathing and personal comfort levels. There are also events like Nomad Cruise and other conferences and meetups that I will send alerts for that the big flight newsletters won’t take account of. Another feature is Visa Run specials. Unfortunately, most digital nomads will have to up sticks at some point and catch a return flight to a neighboring country and get another visa so they can stay longer. So I will show you the cheapest way to do that.

I’ve just started my nomad journey in Bulgaria and I’m excited about building Nomad Flights and finding cheap deals for fellow nomads. The website is now launched on Product Hunt and I will be sharing it with other people today. If you have any ideas or feedback, let me know in the comments. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for your free alerts.