Launching Ski Resort List — a resort comparison website

When I was looking for a ski holiday recently I couldn’t really find a good website. Sure, there was info on each individual website on piste/trails etc but I didn’t think people should have to visit a dozen different sites to find this stuff. Why not make one website which has all this info? So I made Ski Resort List and launched it today on Product Hunt.

While I started making the site I realised it would be fun to make a chat group where people can arrange meetups or just talk skiing and boarding. I love how easy Telegram is to use so I promptly made a group on there and on day 1 people were arranging to catch up in Eastern Europe.

I set out the really fun task of finding all this data. Things like piste/trail type wasn’t as easy to find as I expected it to be. I then had to deal with the fact the US, Canada and Switzerland have different systems to the France, where I have done most of my skiing.

I spoke to friends and families about what they look for in resorts. A constant mention was swimming pools. These are good for non-skiers in the group who may have injuries or just do not partake. My mum doesn’t ski so she always has to look for other activities on ski trips. Pools are also a good way to entertain young kids who aren’t quite at the skiing age or who perhaps can’t hack a whole day yet. I also added the car-free search option as knowing that you can let kids wander around in a resort without worrying about vehicles is something a lot of people told me was important.

I realised as well that aside from budget, most people prefer different resorts depending on age. So I’ve added a party/quiet filter to the search box. I know that families with young kids don’t want to be in the same hotel as noisy students. And by the same token, people wanting to party don’t want to be stuck in a family resort with no clubs or good bars.

I also gave a hat tip to the luxury travellers who can search resorts by whether they have Michelin Star restaurant. Obviously this is a pretty niche concern but I thought it would be fun to include something a little out of the ordinary.

It’s early days but it’s been interesting learning more coding skills to make the site and seeing the differences between resorts. I plan to add more resorts and tweak the search filter soon. Hopefully though it is already useful for skiers and boarders. My ambition is to make something like Nomad List but for snowmads. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.