I wish somebody had told me this advice a long time ago rather than having to discover it on my own…
Shawn McGaff

I think certain genres of photography are more prone to gear obsession than others. For example, in street photography (my favorite kind of photography), there are still people who will swear up and down that if you’re not using a rangefinder, you’re doing it completely wrong.

I’m a bit of a camera collector, though, so I’ve had the opportunity to try street photography with a rangefinder, a twin lens reflex, a box camera from 1927, a fancy Nikon autofocus camera, and even a large format Crown Graphic and I can say without doubt that it’s possible to make good pictures with all of them. Of course, some kinds of pictures are easier to get with one than another (can you imagine sports photography with a box camera?), but that’s not the same thing as saying there’s one “right camera” to use.

So I guess that would be my addition to the previous advice. The right camera is the one you’ll actually use to get the kinds of images you want to make.

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