Always add Crosswalk browser for Android

As you know, Ionic is a hybrid platform that runs and depends heavily on native WebView on Android; however, there are so many Android version, and each version is shipped with different version of WebView that work differently, which makes app development on Android more difficult.

For that reason, the Crosswalk project is initiated and under heavy development to provide the latest modern and stable Chromium browser for all Android devices, a web runtime actually. Some advantages quoted from the project website,

  • Get consistent, predictable behavior by reducing Android device fragmentation.
  • Use the latest web innovations and APIs. Provide a feature rich experience on all Android 4.0+ devices.
  • Easily debug with Chrome DevTools.
  • Improve the performance of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It’s great, isn’t it? Less troubles when dealing with inefficiency on Android devices. Ionic official documentation also suggests to add Crosswalk browser for Android, so you should do it.

To see the list of available browser:

$ ionic browser list
iOS - Browsers Listing:
Not Available Yet - WKWebView
Not Available Yet - UIWebView

Android - Browsers Listing:

Available - Crosswalk - ionic browser add crosswalk
Version Published
Version Published
Version Published
Version Published
Version Published
(beta) Version 13.42.319.6 Published
(canary) Version 14.42.334.0 Published
Available - Crosswalk-lite - ionic browser add crosswalk-lite
(canary) Version Published
(canary) Version Published
Available - Browser (default) - ionic browser revert android
Not Available Yet - GeckoView

At the current time, only Android is supported so just add for Android. As you can see on my result above, there are several Crosswalk version available. To add Crosswalk, issue this command,

$ ionic browser add crosswalk

By not specifying any version, Ionic will take the oldest version, which is in my case. You can also specify a Crosswalk version,

$ ionic browser add crosswalk@

To remove Crosswalk,

$ ionic browser revert android


$ ionic browser rm crosswalk

The two commands do the same thing for Android.

To conclude, always add Crosswalk browser for your Android apps.

For more information about Crosswalk project, check out the following pages:

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