Easy way to upload image to TinyMCE in Laravel

There are many TinyMCE image uploader and file manager plugins but, to tell you the truth, they are quite complicated for use, yeah I know that they provide a lot of functionalities. But while writing content, I just want to pick one image to upload and add it directly to the editor.

So I create a simple package to do this job, petehouston/laravel-tinymce-simple-imageupload

To use the package, issue this command

$ composer require “petehouston/laravel-tinymce-simple-imageupload”

To test how simple it is, add a test route for the package,

Route::get(‘/tinymce_test’, function () {
    return view('mceImageUpload::example');

Now click on the Insert Image button and upload the image, it will be put directly into the editor.

For more information about the package, visit the repo at https://github.com/petehouston/laravel-tinymce-simple-imageupload