Improve Composer performance with Prestissimo

Just another tip for improving your development workflow with Composer today is by using prestissmo, the plugin that help executing composer installation process parallel.

To setup, make sure you have latest composer version and PHP version greater than 5.3 but prefer 5.5 for curl_share_init.

$ composer self-update
$ composer global require hirak/prestissimo

Wait until it finishes then you’re done. To test it out, create a new sample Laravel project (I commonly use Laravel for development, you can test with your own packages or frameworks),

$ composer create-project laravel/laravel my-project — no-progress — profile — prefer-dist -vvv

Before I use this plugin, to install a fresh new Laravel project, it takes around 320s; but now, only 92s. After the first installation, all the packages will be cached, so it will save more time in next installation. For me, from second time with cache, it greatly reduces from 100s to 26s, that’s around 3–4x time better.

You can add HHVM options to see if it improves more.

Also, visit the Github repo if you want to know more about the plugin.