Improve storage spaces for Android devices

by Pete Houston

There was a day, I was really wondering what consumes most of my system storage. After a while, I find out this very interesting to improve storage space for Android phones.

Connect ADB to the phone (you can either use USB cable or Wifi, event Bluetooth works, too), then access to the phone shell.

$ adb shell

and list the sizes of all directories at root.

$ du -sh *
4.0K acct
32.0K cache
240.0K charger
0 config
40.0K customkernel
0 d
1.9G data <--- gotcha
4.0K default.prop
0 dev
4.2M efs
0 etc
4.0K fstab.smdk4210
104.0K init
4.0K init.goldfish.rc
24.0K init.rc
12.0K init.smdk4210.rc
8.0K init.smdk4210.usb.rc
4.0K init.trace.rc
4.0K init.usb.rc
1.6M lib
4.0K lpm.rc
0 mnt
85.4M preload
0 proc
4.0K recovery.rc
520.0K res
1.2M sbin
0 sdcard
4.3G storage
0 sys
487.9M system
0 tmp
4.0K ueventd.goldfish.rc
4.0K ueventd.rc
8.0K ueventd.smdk4210.rc
368.0K vendor

Oh, this line is bugging to my eyes

1.9G data

Access to it and query size again, I’ve found this one is killing my phone indeed.

962.6M lost+found

Too many logs on this directory, I remove ‘em all, and system storage gets more space to work again.

If you’ve ever faced the issues with storages, you can try those steps.