Solving the Millennial Manchild Mystery
Hi Def

Great article dude. Ties together so many different realms of contemporary male existence. Sucking on the winky of political economy as I do, I really enjoyed the section on work.

It basically feels like men and society generally are looking for something for all these men ‘to do’, in a post-industrial society. It’s interesting to think that now men are faced with mass under and un-employment, there’s a global debate spreading re a Universal Basic Income. This after decades of women providing free domestic and emotional ‘work’ to ensure the system didn’t collapse entirely. Now men facing the very real prospect of being replaced by machines, we’re actually considering how society should be structured. Interestingly, a lot of work/social functions regarded as ‘women’s work’ (especially things like care work) could never be replaced by a machine. Factory work, most admin work and even the hipster stronghold of light catering work (restaurants, cafes etc) most definitely can.

Things will become even more interesting when male gametes can be created synthetically, not even requiring a human donor. Men could face be economic and sexual redundancy.