Best apps for M2 MacBook Air

6 apps that I use to help keep me productive

Pete Matheson


Once again with the new M2 MacBook Air, I have to go through the whole process of re-installing all of the Apps that I use on a daily basis.

So in this post, I’m going to show you 6 of those apps that I use to help keep me productive — and explain why I use them, to hopefully help you uncover an App that you’ve not seen before.


I’ve tried so many ToDo apps over the years, and ToDoist has been the one that I’ve settled on for a number of reasons.

It’s cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter if I’m on iPhone, Android, Mac or PC, it works the same.

I can also use it for just a basic checklist of items so I don’t forget to take the bins out, or regularly invest, water plants, post blog posts, and any matter of tasks.

When you add a task, it recognises natural language so you can type what you say and it will do it. For example, remind me to book a haircut every 4 weeks. It will do that. Or Remind you to water the plants every other day. It can do that too.

Best apps for M2 MacBook Air


Next for me is Moom, which is a window management app for Mac. This works well for me on my Mac and the crazy big 49” Ultrawide screen. I don’t really use Moom to its full potential, all I do with it is save the size and position of certain windows — so if I suddenly find myself with a mess of windows in front of me, I can just tap a keyboard shortcut and it will quickly move everything around to be a bit more organised.

I used to take this a step further when I carried around my laptop to work and back, where I’d walk into work and run a shortcut for a Mac Automation that basically launched all of my work apps I used, like email, browser, music, to-do apps and so forth, and then ran the Moom shortcut to put everything in the right place — and that worked really well.

🛒 Moom:


It’s been the best password manager that I’ve come across so far. I’ve made a tonne of posts about it already so I won’t blab on about it too much, but there are…