Creating Road Runner Rules for an upcoming business adventure.

“Chuck Jones, the cartoonist behind the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, once created a set of nine rules that he used as a filter for his creative process.”

My friend Jason Zook (ok I don’t know him at all, but his Action Army blog is on fire) recently released a post underscoring the importance of setting some rules and guidelines for our own lives, and our own businesses.

I won’t recycle what he said, go read his awesome blog post here, and report back ASAP.

As my partner and I are developing this groundbreaking (hopefully) review hub for entrepreneurs, we thought it’d be a cool exercise to brainstorm our own Road Runner Rules for Influencer Review.

Without further ado, here are the RRR’s for Influencer Review.

1 — Something Unique: We strive to create the most fresh, simple, clear, and unforgiveably direct content in the online business landscape. If my 16-month old toddler-preneur can’t understand it, it’s not clear enough.

2 — We will never: create content based on anything that is NOT completely objective. Our trust and integrity relies on our ability to stay completely objective and unbias.

3 — In one word: Clarity. (our members should always gain a heighened sense of purpose and focus, muting the noise hustle and gaining a clear picture of who and what they are)

4 — We speak to our audience: in a 1,000% unbiased, objective, helpful way. We connect in order to give them exactly what they need.

5 — Content schedule: We will send out precisely 1 email every single week, before 8am EST (on a weekday TBD)

6 — When sharing stories: We only share other people’s stories, but after a ton of consideration and confirmation that the story will directly matter to our audience.

7 — Tools: We write in Google Docs, collaborate and party in Slack, manage in Asana, and will publish in WordPress (once we’re launched).

8 — At every turn, we ask ourselves: is this task directly helping us to better serve our members in their businesses, and their lives?

9 — We will not compromise on: Integrity and Trust. No matter the consequences, no matter the opportunity cost. Our own kids will one day look at the business their parents created and shine with pride. We will never compromise on that.

Our parting thoughts on creating these rules:

It’s just a fantastic exercise, even if we never look at these words again.

The act of thinking and writing them down does wonders for “zooming out on our business” and debunking…

  • who we’re going to be,
  • who we’re going to serve,
  • and how we’re going to do it.

Many thanks to Jason for sharing this cool exercise, and for inspiring us to create better and more useful products.

Head to his site here and start creating your own Road Runner Rules…I Promise it will provide clarity.

Thanks Jason,

Pete at Influencer Review

Pete McPherson is a blogger at, and an anti-hustle, pro-amazing-product entrepreneur.
He’s founding Influencer Review, a ratings and reviews hub aimed at helping online entrepreneurs navigate “online biz information overload” and find the best products and content for THEM.