The BF Report: Week 3

Welcome to The BF Report, where I give you players who should be moving up or down your fantasy football rankings based on their price, past performance and matchup.

Week 2 is in the books and with it, it brought complete destruction to any and all running backs. Pour some out for Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, Ameer Abdullah, Doug Martin, the list goes on. But never fear, I’ve got you covered. Here are names to keep in mind (for good and bad) when you start to create your Week 3 lineups.


QB Matt Ryan ($7,400): This was my guy on this week’s podcast as Ryan has gone kind of under the radar so far this season but its time to start giving this man the attention he deserves. And he deserves a lot of it. Coming off a 32 point week against the Oakland Raiders, Ryan and his cast of receiving weapons now face-off against a New Orleans Saints defense that is ripe for the takedown. Look for Ryan to build upon what has been a sweltering start to the season.

HB Todd Gurley ($7,100): The day has finally come when I can say that Todd Gurley will be a worthwhile fantasy player. Open the heavens and let those little singing babies come down. He faces a Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense that ranks 27th against running backs and just gave up 17.3 points to David Johnson. Gurley is still the only offensive weapon in Los Angeles (almost wrote St. Louis there, RIP) so you know the touches will keep coming.

WR Kelvin Benjamin ($7,200): Becca invited Kelvin Benjamin to live on her hill on this week’s show and for good reason. Though his price is steadily increasing, he’s worth every penny of it so far given the numbers he’s put forward. He’s averaging 27 fantasy points per game (on Draft Kings) and has easily been Cam Newton’s go-to target. Despite facing a strong Vikings defense — one that I am still very very high on — Benjamin has the size and strength to keep this run going and he should be on your weekend lineup.

WR Jarvis Landry ($6,600): It’s always a risky proposition to bet on the Dolphins offense buuuut when they’re facing the Cleveland Browns defense, I can’t say no. You know Landry is going to get touches as the offense is specifically designed to get him the ball however, whenever, wherever and we started to see his production increase against the New England Patriots last week, going for 25.5 points. Look for him to build upon that.


QB Aaron Rodgers ($7,700): You can hear me go much more in-depth (and a lot hotter in my take) about Rodgers and this Packers offense on these week’s show but needless to say, the Packers offense is all of the struggles right now. While the Packers are facing off against the Detroit Lions, I just can’t bring myself to trust that Rodgers will suddenly return to the fantasy God we all expected him to be. He’s coming off a 19 point performance and I don’t see it getting much better in Week 3.

HB DeAngelo Williams ($7,500): This might come as a surprise to many as Williams is currently killing it in fantasy football, averaging 30.7 points per game. But I’m not entirely feeling his price. I think he’ll produce, just not at a 7.5k level. The Steelers face a Philadelphia Eagles defense that is coming off a dominate performance against the run last week against the Bears. Obviously the Steelers offense is a lot better than the Bears’ but with plenty of cheaper, still high performing running backs out there, I’d recommend spending your top dollar elsewhere.

WR A.J. Green ($8,100): Becca gave Green the hard sell on this week’s show, saying she didn’t trust him to perform against a stout Broncos’ secondary. And she’s right. This Broncos defense looks just as good as it did last year and despite a fantastic game against the Jets in Week 1, Green was nonexistent against the Steelers in Week 2, managing only 5.8 points. Plus he might not even play so that’d be 8.1k down the drain.

WR Allen Robinson ($7,500): How Allen Robinson is still worth over 7k I will never know. He has yet to do anything this season, both from a fantasy perspective and in the actual game of football. I’m not sure that’s going to get better against a tough Baltimore Ravens secondary. Until Robinson shows me that he can rekindle some of that 2015 magic, I’m not buying.


HB Theo Riddick ($4,900): Abdullah is on IR and the Lions need to at least pretend to run the football occasionally. Riddick has already become a PPR darling due to his ability to catch balls out the backfield and now adding in actual runs will only boast his fantasy value.

HB LeGarrette Blount ($4,400): Take a big old hit of that Blount before his price hurdles you. The Patriots just announced that it will indeed be the third-round pick Jacoby Brissett behind center against the Texans Thursday night so its safe to assume Blount will be leaned on heavily to move this offense.

WR Will Fuller ($4,800): How has Fuller not broken 5k yet? Seriously. This is a crazy steal. The Patriots will obviously try to mitigate Fuller’s speed and damage, however there still is that DeAndre Hopkins to worry about. For 4.8k, I’d happily throw Fuller in my flex and hope for a 20 point game.

TE Coby Fleener ($3,300): I just can’t let the Coby Fleener dream die. The Saints offense knows how to utilize the tight end position (see ancient Benjamin Watson for example 1–11) and Fleener has the talent to succeed. He and Brees just need to get on the same page, which could come against the Falcons and their rather average secondary.

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