Good Manners

Let’s talk about rudeness.

What does it mean to be rude? Is it an old drunk beating up his wife because he didn’t like the dinner? Or a bus driver shutting the door right in an old lady face? Or a student who calls his teacher a stupid bitch? For me even the worse thing is rudeness under cover, or in other words — bad communication or the lack of it.

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the impression that the Internet — besides its obvious advantages — triggered a burst of most vicious traits. Hidden behind their monitors, people have lost the ability of successful communication and chosen to pretend unavailable instead.

It seems that over the last few years Facebook has managed to kick them several steps down the evolutionary ladder.

What freaks me out is that they can’t even understand the simple idea of replying to e-mails. A typical scenario: a client contacts me, then I meet him to present my offer, and finally… Silence. Please let me know if you are still interested, I demand after a few days. Still no sign.

The man has vanished.

Another example. Somebody is late with something, like the article submission. Because face to face encounter is not obligatory, it’s better to choose a different option. Silence. You text this person: What’s up? Silence. But hey, he’s just liked another dumb video on Facebook, so you know it’s not some alien abduction. He won’t let you know about the delay or admit being lazy. It’s simply better to play dumb and hinder others’ work.

I won’t even mention the excuses because of limited text space. The thing is that it all has become more common lately: the wall of silence, ignoring the requests and questions, postponing even simple tasks. Perhaps you don’t know that. I’m so jealous. However, if you are a freelancer, I bet you have a firsthand experience. Without eye contact, connecting others only via Internet, people get away with behaviour that would be unacceptable in real life.

Do you even imagine slamming your office’s door right in someone else’s face?

Or ducking around just because you’re too ashamed to admit you’ve changed your plans?

Well, that’s perfectly the way 80% of you, dear readers, behave on a daily basis. The wall of silence instead of communication. Or in the best case some sneaky excuses, which are all the more misleading. It’s unbelievable that such conduct is common especially in Polish business life.

Please learn that instead of burying your head in sand it’s better to tell the truth — even the harsh one. And if you are busy as hell, it’s enough to send a short message: I’ll check it up and answer over the week. Just that to make working together so much more agreeable.