How to Take Care of Your Headphones

We know that we can’t function without headphones as they are important for when we listen to music while travelling. If you want your headphones to last longer, it is important that you take good care of them. Keeping them in a great condition is very important for your health and the audio fidelity of the gadget.


You can take care of your headphones while you are using them. Make sure that you don’t use them in extreme temperatures and are careful when plugging them out. Always detach the headphones by pulling on the end of the plug rather than yanking at the cable because that can affect the lifespan of the headphone. Make sure that you don’t use the headphones in extremely humid conditions because that can affect the mechanism inside the headphones. A lot of people use headphones that are not their size. Buy a piece that fits you perfectly, so that you can avoid the readjusting and pushing.

It is advised that you check your headphones after every three days for signs of buildup, dirt, and damage. If you use your headphones on a regular basis, make sure that you do a quick wipe after every use. Have a good look at the model of your headphones because some of them have replaceable ear cushions.


As a general rule, you should know that gadgets can’t be cleaned with cleaning products and water, unless it is especially mentioned on the package that your gadget is waterproof. In order to clean the headphones take a soft cloth and make sure that it is slightly damp. Be careful if you are using any cleaning product. In order to avoid any mishap, check out the instructions that come with the packaging of your headphones.

If you don’t see any results after using the damp cloth, you can try using an old toothbrush, as it will help in dislodging dirt from crevices where a cloth can’t reach. Similarly, you can also use a cotton swab or a toothpick in order to reach the difficult areas. In addition to this, baby wipes can also help you out in getting rid of the dirt.


Make sure that you store that your headphone is a humid free place. Make sure that you avoid leaving the gadget in extreme temperatures, which means that they should never be left on the dashboard of your car.

All of us suffer from tangled headphones that can cut down the listening time by a few minutes. In order to avoid this, you can wrap the wire in the shape of 8 using two of your fingers.

The Dos and Don’ts of Headphones

· Do clean them every week.

· Do keep them in their case.

· Do roll the chord.

· Do clean your ears regularly.

· Do replace the foam tips.

· Don’t carry them in your pockets.

· Don’t wrap them around the device.

· Don’t share them with anyone else.