Leather Jacket Style Tips to Make Everyone Go Mad Over It

Brown Leather jacket, Motorcycle leather jacket, Biker leather

As a common perception, leather jackets are made for the rough and tough people only.

However, the fact is that anyone can wear biker leather jacket like Daryl from The Walking Dead or steal the jacket style statement of Jenifer Garner to look cool.

If you are confused about the styling techniques, then have a look at these leather jacket styling tips and enjoy everyone going gaga over you

Styling Tips for Men

Brown Leather jacket, Motorcycle leather jacket, Biker leather

Tee and Jacket

You have already seen Tyler Durdenrocking a red leather jacket over a t-shirt in Fight Club. A slim fit, full sleeve jacket is a great way to break the moldand adore the Tyler coating on you in the mirror. Pair it up with boyfriend jeans and ankle-high boots. You can also try some other colors, like a brown leather jacket.

Biker Jacket

If a biker jacket was human, Angelina would have married it, sorry Brad. A few years ago, biker jackets were used to flaunt punk or wild styles. However, these are the style statements of soft silhouette today.Roll out to perfection by pairing your biker jacket with a full sleeve jean shirt. Don’t forget to fold and overlap the shirt cuffsup to 2 inches over the jacketcuffs. This will hide your hour-long effort in front of the mirror.

Break, Shake, and Flatter

Hidetoshi Nakata still makes the young hearts flatter and beat hard with his pulled up jacket collars. Break things up with pulls and layers — a blue pair of jeans withthe white first layer peaking from the second layer of the shirt and topped with a brown leather jacket.

Contemporary and Fashion Forward

If you don’t want heritage to drip from every inch of your clothing then choose contemporary styling to make heads turn. Wear a white t-shirt with a blue jeans, sneakers and a black leather jacket as the cherry on the cake and voila.

Styling Tips for Women

Contemporary Styling

The three-layered styling is perfect for college go.ers. Wear a plain shirt over a long tee and finalize the topping with a biker jacket. Create fashion diva vibe with ankle boots and casual jeans.

Midi Skirt and Heeled Boots

A flattering plain midi skirt with a blooming crop-top or a full shirt is perfect to wear with ankle boots. Add oomph with mid-fitted leather jacket, gladiators, and satchel.

Cameo Pants

A few years ago, it was impossible to wear leather jackets with cameo pants. If you have a slim physique (preferably zero to four size) then there is no reason to excuse cameo pants with leather jackets. Try a slim fitted one over cameo pants, high mules, and a tee. Rock the statement with beanies or bandanna.

Boyfriend Jeans and Chained Necklace

If you don’t wear a leather jacket with boyfriend jeans and chained necklaces then this is the only thing that is putting you off the red carpet. Try blue boyfriend jeans with a gray T-shirt, chained necklace and a fitted motorcycle jacket. Add statement with nude high heels and smoky eyes.

Leather jackets add personality to your attire. It’s the cream cheese of cheesecake. Try out different leather jacket styles in front of the mirror and create a signature style according to your personality.

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