Things to know before ordering a custom gold chain for men

If none of the available chains are catching your eye you can simply buy one custom. Custom chains are made according to your specifications and thus will look the best. Before you place an order for a custom chain here are some things you need to keep in consideration:

What type of look are you going for?

This is the most basic question you need to know the answer to. Do you want a bold flashy look that will be available in big chains? Do you want a sleep prestigious look with an 18k chain that is thin? You have to decide this before anything else.

What material do you want the chain to be made out of?

This depends mostly on your budget. If you want to get the maximum size of the gold chains for men while keeping the price low then you should go for a 10k chain. It won’t be as shiny as the 14k gold chain or the 18k one but it will still look good in big sizes. If you want a purer look then go for 14k. 18k is the most expensive but the closest you can get to pure gold in a chain. Create a budget for yourself and see what fits.

What length do you want the chain to be?

The length of the gold chain for men determines how many links will be added to the chain. How low the chain hangs depends on the length. If you want it to be chest high go for a smaller length. If you’re going for a flashy look then you should try out the longer lengths which will hang a bit above your waistline. If you are going to attach a pendant to the chain you have to decide where you want the pendant to rest on your body.

How wide do you want the chain to be?

This defines the width of the chain’s links themselves. If you want to get a more subtle look get a thin chain that is almost threadlike. If you want to be bold and flashy increase the width of the links. Different designs look very different in varying sizes so make sure you pick one which fits the type of chain you want.

Chain Styles

Chains come in many different link styles such as Figaro, Miami Cuban, Franco, Rope, and much more. Find the one which suits your personality best and then determine the right width for it. The width and style depend a lot on the type of clothing you wear and what your profession is.

What color do you want the chain to be in?

If you’re going for a classic look then get one in plain gold. If you want a subtler even classier look then white gold is what you might be looking for. There are multi-color chains available as well which use a combination of different colored gold to create beautiful designs. You can also go for a more colorful look with rose gold chains.