Truck Scales and Methods to Weigh a Truck

In order to weigh large and heavy trucks before and after being loaded, a certain set of scales, namely truck scales, are used. These Truck Scales are built in such a way that they can not only bear up with the massive weight of the truck but could also measure it. These scales are very strong and some could even withstand weights up to 36,000 kg and sometimes even more.

The purpose behind weighing the trucks is to make sure that they are carrying loads according to the permit and to collect taxes. Depending in different states and countries, authorities have assigned a specific limit to the amount of the load to be carried. However, a weigh station must be equipped with all the latest truck scales, from single axle scales to multi ones, it must have the equipment to weight and endure the heaviest weight possible. Axle scales for trucks and portable axle scales are also beneficial in ensuring that there is no variance between the actual and stated shipping weighs.

Following are some of the different types of truck scales:

· Mechanical weighbridge

· Mechanical (digital type)

· Electro-mechanical

· Electronic

· Digital

· Rail Weighbridges

· Movable Weighbridge

· Portable weighbridge

· Axle scales

· Portable ramp end scales

Equipment used for scaling:

· Portable Axle Scales

Portable Axle scales are highly conventional and easy to use. These scales allow quick calculations and easy to use especially in areas where it is not possible to have a concrete foundation. They help calculate weight right after loading and help prevent fines later. They are very user friendly since they come in a variety of shapes, lengths and sizes and could endure weight up to 80,000 pounds. They are moderns and equipped with the latest technologies and even support receipts printing.

· Bending Plate Scales

Bending plate scales, as the name suggest stresses and relaxed as the weight is placed or removed. Different gauges give the amount of weight being stressed upon them and the sums of all the gauges help determine the weight of the truck.

Methods of weighing a truck:

· One step weighing:

In this method of scaling, the truck doesn’t need to drive over each axle to be measured. As soon as the truck’s tires rests on the scales, the scales calculate all the weights simultaneously giving us a gross weight of the entire truck at once.

· Weighing with axles:

Single axles weigh individual truck parts at a time only to add up alter. It serves all the data about weigh of the truck required to ensure that the truck is properly loaded.

· Weight in motion:

This is a method in which the truck is measured while it’s driving smoothly. The weigh is actually calculated with the assistance of the sensors of the sensor pad. Without stopping the truck, the sensors reads the weight of the truck as it passes giving the exact estimations of the truck weight without requiring anyone to stop or drive carefully.