What Blackbird Is Looking For In 2017
Nick Crocker

Hi All

Well, we took Blackbird Venture Capital’s advice and we’ve gone global!

Our start-up, Fair Food Forager, now has a presence in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, the UK and the US. The issue we now face is that it is getting too big for our small, mostly part-time, team to handle!

Venture Capital is clearly the key to maintaining momentum and expanding our team and reach and, given that is what you do, the reason for reaching out to Blackbird VC.

What do we do? We take the Trip Advisor/ Yelp/ Zomato model and turn it on its head.

Fair Food Forager ONLY lists food businesses that are making an effort to be sustainable and ethical. In this era of ‘Fake’ everything our point of difference is that we offer integrity in our listings.

But we are not just limiting ourselves to food. Also in development is an interactive, web based, lifestyle program focussing on all aspects of ethical and sustainable living with a pilot episode of “To be Fair…” scheduled for release in April.

I could prattle on with the pitch, but instead I’ll leave it to the links below to provide some insight and prompt a reply. (or two, maybe even three!)

Fair Food Forager.com

Fair Food Forager App (iphone)

Fair Food Forager App (android)

To Be Fair (sample clip — Feb 21 release date)

Have a great day.

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