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Another story to be told is this…

An electric car like a Tesla Model S can get you about 0.33 miles per kWh.

This means the cost per mile is about 0.33*2.42 = 0.8 cents per mile.

Let’s say you drive a typical car with 30mpg and you pay US$3 per gallon. This means your cost per mile is 3/30 = 10 cents per mile.

Effectively, this means your Tesla Model S can drive 12.5 times further on the same cost or the equivalent of 3/12.5 = 24 cents per gallon had it used a gas engine of 30mpg.

But rather the Tesla Model S is more efficient at around 90mpg(e) and provides much more acceleration than the typical car with 30mpg.

Now, who wouldn’t want a car that can drive on gas costing 24 cents per gallon, go about 90mpg(e) and accelerate from 0–60mph in 2.5 seconds (Tesla Model S P100D can do this)?

The automotive business is up for a major disruption the coming years with the trends involved.