Our Strained Relationship With Food
Kris Gage

Your criteria are about the same as mine. I was overweight for a long time until I established a simple routine.

My daily food is now:

  • Breakfast: 400 ml milk/protein powder/ice cubes shaken - takes me 5 min to prepare and drink. I hate diet shakes but protein shakes taste very good to me.
  • During day: 30 gr nuts + 2 slices of bread + some fruit. I eat it spread out during the day, whenever I like. Very often I forget to eat. I’m not a big fan of bread taste wise, but like the practicality.
  • Dinner: salad + another protein shake. I never sit down for this. Preparing and eating takes me about 10 min.

If I’m hungry I either take an extra shake or nuts. But it hardly ever happens.

I allow myself 1 other thing per day.

When I have lunch at work I take a salad, but most often I avoid that by doing creative work at home till 10:30, so I arrive at the office just before lunch - to work. Once a week I sit down for dinner with my wife and eat whatever she prepares - in modesty. I’ve cut down to outside dinners to once per 2 weeks and then eat whatever I want.

In my experience I slightly lose weight with this diet. Less than a pound per week. And I like that because I’m never hungry and yet it allows me not to care to much during vacations about whatever I eat.