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In a personal project of mine, I regularly fetched data collected by bicycle counting stations scattered around Cologne, Germany, and stored the data in a public GitHub repository. I ran the Python script which was fetching, appending, and uploading the data to GitHub manually for a while, but since I (am lazy and) wanted to always offer the latest data, I thought about how I could automate this process. Here’s how I accomplished running the reoccurring process with GitHub Actions.

At first, I thought about using the popular Oban library written in Elixir to run a reoccurring job, but every time the job would have been run, I would have to clone the repository, fetch the data, commit the changes and push everything to GitHub using a personal access token. Since I could not use git commands directly from Elixir, I would also have to use a wrapper library like Xgit. This seemed way too complicated and the friendly Elixir community pointed me towards using scheduled GitHub Actions. …


Peter Ullrich

Peter ist ein sportbegeisterter Elixir-Entwickler bei Studitemps, radfahrender Afrikaliebhaber und leidenschaftlicher Teiler seines Wissens.

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