I don’t like losing either — but stooping to Fox News-esque levels of deception and fabrication…
Antone Johnson

We’re not trying to win all hearts. Just the ones that can still be saved. The Obama coalition was a mistake, like so many other compromising failures puked from the DNC. Only half-hearts compromise with the heartless. We should have split up the U.S. (or rather left it split) a long, long time ago.

All triangulating neoliberals fall into the same trap: believing that you can sufficiently advance good by compromising with evil. I’m done compromising with Republicans and I’m done compromising with anyone else who is willing to. The time for compromise is over. If you don’t like that attitude, then I guess you can lock us up or deport us or shoot us or let us secede into our own, sane country. I don’t really care which path you choose, but don’t expect us to give two fucks about your desire to compromise with evildoers.

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