I appreciate that you were/are moved to become more active in the community and I read all the…
Loret Steinberg

Rachel never blamed her loss on sexism. In fact, she said this: “I don’t believe I lost the primary because of sexism. I believe I lost because I didn’t have the money to fight these attacks. We were outspent about four to one.”

As for issues affecting our community, I’m not sure how Bronson has handled the lack of jobs or poverty. Rochester has the 5th highest poverty rate of any city. Our school system is a wreck. Upstate NY has one of the worst economies in the country. He voted on some measures Cuomo pushed; great! But that doesn’t qualify him for leadership. He didn’t articulate what he has done for the community. How is that effective leadership? Rachel called out every leader whenever they abused their power or failed us; which is often the case.

Also, on your point about sexism: “It would be great if you ran for another office and offered goals and policies of substance.” That’s followed by, “Many of the comments I had read about your candidacy appear to refer to the lack of substance put forward and that is where sexism might be involved in some way…” She offered those plans here: http://rachelforassembly.com/issues/

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